Worry free welding!

Wing-It boot protector

Weld without worrying about your feet. With Wing-it safety boot covers, you can focus on your welds and work more confidently. 

As soon as you slip them on, you’ll see Wing-It offers more confidence, so you can get at your work without concern for the safety or placement of your feet.

Wing-It industrial boot protectors keep molten metal, sparks, slag and spatter from burning and destroying your work boots, laces and stitches.

Wing-It offers:

-Metatarsal protection without threat of slipping on ladders or steps. 

-Easy installation and removability

-Made in the USA (and always will be)

-100% Guaranteed 

-Durable, they typically last as long as two sets of work boots.

-Affordable! Only $19.95 

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