Wing-It Welding Boot Protecter Reviews

“Hello my name is Matthew Klockars and I am a professional welder. I have been using Wing-It for a few years now and I am very impressed with the durability and quality of this product. I highly recommend using these for superior boot and foot protection. 5 star quality."

“Hi, my name is Phil. I have been wearing your product since I bought a new pair of steel toed boots. I’ve had them almost a whole year. The toes are worn to steel, but I still have the original laces and NONE of my tongue stitching has been damaged. A must for confidence and damage control. I give five stars.”

“I started using Wing-It over a year ago. This is a product that solves a huge problem for me while welding. I’ll be a customer for life, thank you….” – Sam Cassel, Maverick Welding Supplies.

“Have you ever had a horse step on your foot, or farm work feed land on your boots- soiling and leaving them rendered for the barn only? I got my Wing-It to protect my boots and love them! I take them off when I head into town and put them on when I head to do chores – worth the cost!” – Karen

“I do a lot of desert hiking in rocky terrain. One of the features I really like about Wing-It is my boots are protected from scarring, and it keeps thistles from gathering in my laces and into my boots. It’s a great product for us outdoors enthusiasts.”  - Sandy L

“Prior to using Wing-It, foot safety was always a major concern. It took constant attention to my feet to make sure hot embers of metal didn’t travel into my boots, therefore reducing productivity. Now that I use Wing-It, I no longer have those nagging distractions. Great product that ensures foot safety for even the toughest jobs.” – Matthew K

“I work for a body shop in Portland. As everyone knows it rains a lot here. Part of my job is writing estimates on cars outside. I was constantly getting my feet wet through the laces of my boots. Then I got a pair of Wing-Its. Problem solved, no more wet feet. These Wing-Its work great!” – Brian L.

"We started using the Wing-It boot covers at one of our large manufacturing plants about a year ago and it worked. We have not had another burn injury of the foot since all of our workers began using the Wing-Its. And by protecting the boots themselves the laces and the boots do not have to be replaced as often." -David H - Director of Environment, Health and Safety for a large manufacturing company.

"I purchased a set from you guys for my boyfriend who is a welder/fabricator and he loves them & they work great! He said he hasn’t burnt his toes yet! Excellent product!" --Shannon G.

"After using the Wing-It for one day I’ll never own a pair of boots without one. Usually I smoke the top of the boot out pretty quickly. Then just about every day I burn myself. Never again. Thanks a bunch!" -Ethan

"I love Wing-it!! They are exactly what I’ve been looking for. The Sparks bounce right off, No more sparks burning the top of your feet." -Spencer S., Louisiana