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The newest innovation to PPE industrial shoe protection. Our unique design allows for easy installation and removability by sliding down the laces. Wing-it offers more confidence, so you can get at your work without concern for the safety of your feet.

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Weld without Worry.

Weld without worrying about your feet. With Wing-it boot and shoe lace protection, you can focus on your welds and work more confidently.

When working with a cutting torch, getting closer to your work to operate with precision, the last thing you need to worry about is where your feet are, then force yourself into an awkward position to keep them out of harm’s way. No more with Wing-It.

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Protect your investment.

Wing-It is 100% guaranteed to make your boots last longer, and we offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied. Especially if you’re in the metal working industry or other construction trades where splatter may damage the stitching and laces of your work boots.

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Wing-It is the affordable answer.

For welders, pipefitters, ironworkers, boilermakers—anyone looking for lace savers, boot and stitch protection.

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Slag is a Drag (And painful. And expensive)

The solution is Wing-It, crafted in the USA from the finest top grain leather available, with just enough flex to lay down nicely over your boots.

Wing-It industrial boot protectors keep molten metal, sparks, slag and spatter from burning and destroying your work boots, laces and stitches.

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Safety in Welding, Cutting, and Allied Processes

meets ANSI Z49.1-2012 article 4.3 OSHA 1910.136A

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"I have been wearing your product since I bought a new pair of steel toed boots. I’ve had them almost a whole year. The toes are worn to steel, but I still have the original laces and NONE of my tongue stitching has been damaged. A must for confidence and damage control. I give five stars.”


"We started using the Wing-It boot covers at one of our large manufacturing plants about a year ago and it worked. We have not had another burn injury of the foot since all of our workers began using the Wing-Its. And by protecting the boots themselves the laces and the boots do not have to be replaced as often."

David H - Director of Environment, Health and Safety for a large manufacturing company

"After using the Wing-It for one day I’ll never own a pair of boots without one. Usually I smoke the top of the boot out pretty quickly. Then just about every day I burn myself. Never again. Thanks a bunch!"


My son completely destroyed his first set of boots as a welder so I bought him those goofy looking full boot covers, and he never wore them.I was afraid he'd burn his feet because the aii the stiching was burnt open on the boots. So when I bought him a new pair of Carolina's for Christmas, I figured Wing-It's would be the perfect ticket. He has worn them with no objection and the seem to perfectly perform their function of protecting his feet and new boots. Plus there is no discomfort as there is from Met Guards. I highly recommend these after seeing what heavy welding dose to a unprotected pair of boots.

Robert M.